Tuesday 18 January 2005

not madonna yet, but ...

I was riding on the bus home from my receptionist job yesterday and was over-hearing/eavesdropping on a conversation between strangers about one of the passenger's adorable toddler and heard her say "he has been 'winge-ing' all day."

Without question, I knew exactly what she meant. I've cracked the vernacular. Made me think of all the things I have adopted into my everyday vocabulary to be understood.

tomAHto = tomato
on a course= taking a class
what are you on about = what are you talking about
never mind = oh well
queue = line
maths = math
daft = dumb
prat = jerk
take away = to go
pavement = sidewalk
have a go = pick a fight
ring you = call you
any joy? = any luck?
white coffee = coffee with milk (and if you order 'coffee with milk' they look at you very confused)
is that Susie? (as said on the phone) = is this Susie?
Mo-Bile = cell phone
lovely = nice/great
elevensies = that nice snack you eat at 11 a.m.
con TRO versy = controversy
pavement = sidewalk
answer phone = answering machine
windscreen = windshield
supermarket = grocery store (they never say grocery store unless they mean like a pure green grocer where one buys veggies)
post = mail (as in "has the post come yet?")
car park = parking lot
book = rent or reserve (as in "Have you booked the car/hotel/restaurant")
lounge = living room
garden = yard
hob = stove
biscuit = cookies or crackers
pudding/sweet = dessert of any nature
brown bread = wheat or any kind of non -white bread

partner = boy or girlfriend or husband or wife of hetro or homo

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teddy makwa said...

Interesting blog,just stumblin around n found. I worked with older italians n portugese in Toronto,Canada. I found myself speakin broken english with accent when talkin 2 them. It was harder 2 unstand Newfies,they have a weird accent. But u do whatever 2 get by,EH. They still thought we lived in tee pees..lol....I'll b back.