Wednesday 5 January 2005


When does the blog stop being an entertaining tale of travel and folly and start sounding like a 'Christmas letter' inserted into a holiday card? "I did this and that and went here and there and saw that thing and the other thing ..."

When does the blogger stop making insightful, detached and pithy observations of the world, and use the medium as a mass update to friends and family?

Readers, I feel as if my last few months have been lazy bloggage. (Yes, a new word I just made up.) I am not a big fan of the New Year's resolution. It pretty much sets me up to fail. It is like a giant invitation to go ahead and do that thing I am not supposed to do, eat, say, feel, etc. I do, however, believe in trying to do things better... trying to be more engaged in what one is doing. Not just phoning it in.

And as a life coach it is kinda the thing I preach -- in the be all that you can be way -- so I am going to work on the practice part of the preaching. I want to be a better blogger. I want to be a better friend. I want to be a better daughter. I want to be a better sister. I want to be a better girlfriend. I want to be a better coach. And I want to be a better Carol.

No resolutions. Just intentions to be better. It is a looser cloak of resolve. And chances are that in many ways, I'll screw it up. Just like humans do (me especially). But the gold nugget is that it is ok to screw it up. Because it doesn't take a new calendar to allow me to make a fresh start. Just a new page in my head.

Happy blank slate everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, it's been a over a week since your vow to be a better blogger, and nothing. Come on girl, share, express, relate, engaged, entertain. We're waiting.