Friday 29 October 2004

all systems go

I need to report that all household technical difficulties mentioned in earlier logs are FIXED!

Mark just read back through entries past and demanded I report that he fixed to working order:
  • the digital TV
  • the stereo (with its many components)
  • land-line phone service

And we now have 24/7 internet wireless connectivity. Thank the lord. I was too much of a regular at the internet cafes in town.

So Mark's capabilities/pride are restored. And we have an additional 5 channels of nothing to watch.


Anonymous said...

Now that you have digital tv, you seem to have stopped posting so frequently.

charming gardener said...

I dare thee to identify thyself. No hiding behind your anonymous-ness!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you know who I am - or at least have a very short list.