Tuesday 19 October 2004

wrong side of the tracks

I have just realised (realized) that there really is a wrong side of the tracks. And we live on it.

The girls all look cheesed off and are smoking. And have children with them that I pray are their siblings. A lot of eyeliner. And they tell you to piss off sooner than the time on their watch.

I like it.

It is oddly freeing. I feel like the proverbial fly, and am invisible and able to just watch and take it all in. Because it isn't really about me. I still feel like I am on an anthropological trip to infiltrate with the locals and study behaviour and note social mores.

And no one looks like me. I am a brown hair/ brown girl in a sea of pale. I (still) feel healthy and vibrant. The student population around me seem like they need showers and clothes that tuck in properly. And some sunshine.

On the other side of the tracks, which I am just starting to explore, people look hearty but kind. I can't walk 2 blocks without an adorable cafe beckoning. Gardens flourish and the greens are green.

I am going to like walking in silence between the 2 worlds. Feeling at ease in both. But not quite at home.

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