Monday 18 October 2004

Night clouds

First night in the house by myself last night, as M was away in Munich for work. After 100 years of apartment living, I am a big sissy. I am so used to having only ONE way into the house, and a 24-hour front door (albeit a lame, sleeping one) person to keep harm away.

Now I am in a real town house with and up and a down and a front door and a back door and first floor windows. (Yes, I too mental inventory of ways people could get in.)

Every creak was danger. Every noise clearly an intruder. But, big surprise, I awoke alive and well. That'll learn me.

Still waiting for our BT land line and our internet service. And for some reason the stereo (with the multi-components) will not work. Or the digital TV service. And I live with an engineer. It has been a silent but happy home. We are making weekly pilgrimages to England's answer to Home Depot. Let me say, I miss Target. They have Home Base and B&Q and Focus, but none of them really hold a candle to Target or a good old Lowes.

People are DIY (do it yerself) CRAZY here. And they call it D-I-Y. Which is kinda queer. We get 5 TV channels and at any given time 3 of them will have house -related shows on. Decorating, gardens, selling, cleaning, swapping, holiday homes, nightmares, dream homes, AUGH!

I want the digital TV to work.

Speaking of work, I must get me somma that. Especially with such fine examples of grammar I just displayed. Seriously, I could easily just make soup and eat small candybars and empty the dishwasher and make sure we have clean towels for a few more weeks, but I think one might think I was being lazy.

I lost my resume. In the transition to my new computer, I copied? Deleted? Lost? the soft copy of the CV and I feel it to be especially symbolic. Starting over with no background. Anyhoo- if any of you readers (and you know who you are) have a soft copy from within the last 3 years, can you sent to me? I feel naked and soft without it. And, frankly, un-employable.

Bill O'Reilley sex scandal?

Fingers crossed for Kerry.
Wisconsin people- can you rally? I was amazed to see we are still on the fence leaning 'that' way.

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