Sunday 31 December 2023


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Dear Beneficiary,
Western Union Money Transfer, in conjunction with the International Monetary Fund(IMF) Reconciliation Committee agreed to pay you the total sum amount of $10,000,000.00 (Ten Million US Dollars Only) for all unpaid LOTTERY WINNERS. Your e-mail address appeared on our list of beneficiaries. We apologize for the delay of your payment!

We have sent you $10,000.00 as an initial payment to see how best efficient you can receive your funds. This was done via the Western Union Money Transfer since the 18th November 2023 but till date no word from you that you have received the funds.

Once again, kindly re-confirm your first payment of $10,000.00 with the instructions below, Open the website: , then click "Track Transfer", for you to see the status of your transaction online.

As soon as you open the website, enter this tracking number(MTCN): 1288639612.

As soon as you enter the tracking number click "Track Transfer" to confirm sent funds/money.

Here re-confirm the following details once again to match on our record;

Your full name:



City and Country:

Mobile Number

Below here are the sending details once again.

 MTCN: 1288639612,
 Sender Names: Louisa Daniels,
 Sender City: Geneva, Switzerland
 Sender Office: Western Union
 Amount sent: $10,000 USD.

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For further enquiries, contact our Office E-mail address:

Yours sincerely,
Ms. Elena Kay
Western Union Co-ordinator

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