Friday 3 September 2010

pause: 10 months, 2 weeks

  • 8 teeth!
  • says mama, and I "know" he means me!
  • crawls very fast without using knees (all hands and feet)
  • stands all the time, but must hold onto something
  • refuses to lie down for nappy changing. (see stands all the time)
  • points at Every. Thing. And grunts crazily until you give him the object of his pointing
  • starting to use a baby fork, even if only to stab blindly and wildly at the highchair and then fling it at a parent
  • loves blueberries, cheese, cherries and whole plums (minus the pits, naturally) and natural yogurt
  • wants to drink out of Your Cup, no matter what you have
  • made friends with the exercise ball
  • now scared of the salad spinner
  • knows not his physical boundries and climbs atop of other babies when mingling. Not all the babies love this. 
  • loves being chased around the house
  • can put round peg in round hole but all other shapes make him mad
  • pushes upturned laundry basket around the house as his "high tech" walker
  • likes to take muslins and "clean"
  • naps are a crap shoot and can last 1.5 hours or be refused entirely
  • has fallen asleep at the dinner table in his high chair. twice.
  • washing machine is the best show in town
  • claps at most things
  • waves bye bye, but about 3 minutes after you actually leave and are down the road
  • Mark claims he has said monkey and woof woof, but one time only and never to be repeated
  • facinated with cupboards, doors, lights
  • starting to be a b-o-y not a baby!


Anonymous said...

why so long between posts -- and picture uploads? is the blonde hair I see?


charming gardener said...

Because dear Andy, I have a baby. And little brain. And all my photos are on FB which you have shunned.
(and yes weirdly blonde hair!)

N.A.3 said...

His adorable,And so cute

Marshall Lynch said...

your baby is very cute and sweet.
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Unknown said...

you are blessed to have such a lovely and cute baby ..

and his blessed to have you too in his life ..

God speed!!

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Chloe Iverson said...

Hi Lil one... how cute you are...

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