Wednesday 14 July 2010

pause: 8 months and 4 weeks and 1 day

I have been a really crap memory keeper.  I still don't have a wedding album, most of my photos from the last 10 years are boxed and/or stored various places in the world.  And I have not done ANY real record keeping of baby milestones. I was home recently and went through many of my keepsake boxes in my parent's basement.

a) wow, I wrote a LOT of notes in grade school
b) wow, I can't believe how much of my childhood stuff my parents KEPT... and moved ... and moved again.

I would very much like to be the kind of parent that has lovely scrapbooks of tickets and locks of hair and cute appropriate first photos -- all labeled and dated and official.  And I am afraid it isn't going to happen.  Not now anyway...

In theory, I am that person, but I somehow can't be arsed as it seems so tedious.  Can I blame not having a basement to store things?

Instead, maybe I can capture moments in time of what it is like for Lew in his life on this day.

8 months and 4 weeks

  • loves toast, yogurt, water and cheese. (who is his mother) and vegetables (who is his father). and breastmilk (the kid has good taste)
  • 3.5 teeth -- 2 bottoms and 1 front and 1/2 of the other front... fangs imminent
  • crawling fast and furiously, pulling up on furniture, learning to fall gracefully on his nice padded bum instead of crashing with his head
  • loves people -- smiles at all strangers and loves attention. a serious ham-bone and loves other babies -- and of course his mom and dad
  • takes 2 naps a day, usually at 10ish and at 2ish. Bath at 6:30 ish and bed at 7 and sleeps with a few wake ups until about 7
  • peek a boo makes him seriously CRACK up
  • loves music and watching (hearing?) people sing
  • not all that interested in stuffed animals, but likes balls, wheels and things he can shove in his mouth, which is actually pretty big
  • First noise (not really a word) was BA - then MA MA (which is CLEARLY a word) and we get the only occasional (sorry Mark) DA.
  • Is scared of the vacuum cleaner and my exercise ball
  • Has been very squirmy but starting to chill out and sit nicely on a lap
  • Goes to sleep listening to lullabies
  • Hates hats
  • And bibs
  • Will not let you feed him
  • Has a heart melting smile
  • Likes to hold hands and lots of cuddles
  • Books are OK as long as they have stuff to feel
  • Makes friends everywhere he goes -- each line of each shop ...
  • Leaves no corner unexplored, especially where we haven't baby proofed
  • Is genuinely good company
  • Has blue eyes which if they remain, will be from his paternal grandmother!
  • Is currently called Lewberry or Lewbear
  • Gets very busy sorting things (in his own categories unbeknownst to anyone else)
  • Has very light brown hair and very fine and what looks to be his uncle g's hairline
  • Shrieks inexplicably 
  • Grabs glasses, pulls hair and bits of flesh
  • Drools constantly
  • Is adored by his parents
  • Emerging to be an exciting, curious, loving, sweet, sociable boy -- just like we ordered!


Amanda Uphoff said...

Hi there! Miri McDonald pointed me to your link - your posts remind me so much of how I felt when my babies were little. Thanks for your honest, fresh take on parenthood! It's insane and amazing, isn't it? I liked your post about the 7 things you'd like to be doing that you aren't currently doing - and most of them were solo missions. My kids are 3 and 6 and I still crave the silence, sister. I never realized how much of a privilege it was to, say, go to the bathroom by myself :-) Cheers to the crazy years! There is great beauty in this chaos. Your little dude is adorable.

charming gardener said...

Thanks Amanda! It helps so (weirdly) much to write it all down and dump the brain out. I thought it was going to get all better at 3 and 6, no? he he he.

Madeline (aka Miri) said...

This one made me cry and I still cry as I type this. I should do more catalogue-ing of memories like this. It goes too fast. I am so glad Amanda found you and commented - I love connecting friends.

The Life Coach side of you will love this - Amanda is a yoga student of mine and living her dream - opening a family-centered yoga studio NEXT MONTH.