Friday 6 June 2008

La Dolce Vita

I am up waaaaaay too early.

And I am awfully excited by my life just now.

Let me count the ways. Warning, I include capital letters to convey enthusiasm.

  1. Picking up keys for our NEWLY PURCHASED KICK ASS FLAT in Glasgow tomorrow. Yes. And I am going to be a homeowner. This is a whole entry on its own.
  2. Creating in-between project with Hanna in MADISON!! Yes. Another home. Where my 40 year old self can revisit my 19 year old self. And Tom n Miri. And hopefully G and LW and Mom and Dad.
  3. Divine intervention and GENEROUS BROTHER Mike helping me out with flights. Yes. And we all need help and I am grateful in receiving.
  4. Gratifying CLIENTS continue to come who I love and am enriched in working with. Yes. And I am contributing financially doing something I love.
  5. New tenants to our beloved Edinburgh flat are a FANTASTIC American girl from MN and her English beau, making this transition so much easier knowing our wee home will be loved. Yes. And an unexpected harmonic convergence.

Yes I am pretty much gratitude soaked and in awe of the beauty and relief of now.

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