Monday 16 June 2008

controlled chaos

I have too many things in my brain. I have started an entry in my head about 15 times and have gotten distracted. 

And now my hands ache after an entire weekend at the new flat doing hard labour like tiling and grouting and lifting and shifting.  

So here are my random and meandering fleeting thoughts.

  • I am not 100% ready to say good bye to Edinburgh
  • I am about 60% ready
  • I have 4 days to get ready
  • Packers come Thurs and movers Friday
  • Our new place is really going to be cool
  • It still smells like smoke
  • Our home now doesn't. It smells like home
  • Not having a car is really a pain in the behind when moving
  • Mark is a really hard worker and knows a lot about house stuff
  • He never complains
  • I complain a lot if I have to do too many hard things and then I get into it
  • I am an excellent tile grouter
  • My hands ache. My nails are split. 
  • We painted our bathroom wall raspberry. We have white tiles (and a few black ones)
  • It looks cool
  • Cornices and 12 feet ceilings really make hiring a painter expensive
  • I forget how disruptive moving is and it rather paralyzes me
  • I know more about plumbing a bathroom sink that I ever imagined
  • Living on the 2nd floor is going to sometimes be annoying
  • We have nice new neighbours below us
  • Mark can walk to the new place in 6 minutes from work
  • It takes him 120 now on the train(s)
  • Getting rid of cardboard boxes is a pain
  • Glasgow has a lot to explore
  • And really cheap and cheerful Chinese delivery
  • I have many schedules and project folders and moving detritus 
  • We have a great couple moving into our Eburgh flat which makes me very happy
  • And, what I keep making Mark say to me, Everything Is Going To Be Ok
  • I have to pack now

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