Sunday 6 January 2008

home part 2

I am going to DC en route to my Leadership Program in CA in 2 short weeks.  

Being in WI for Christmas was so deeply comforting and root nourishing.  And now a visit to DC ought to provide the other injection of home right in the core.  They are my 2 US homes -- after all -- one of my youth and one of my adulthood. And both keep my memories and my people and my touchstones. And being there brings me closer to who I am and feels just ... good. 

And I wouldn't be me if I didn't blether on about Whole Foods (even to look!), Spices, Target and burritos a plenty!  (why does it always come to that? I am a simpleton)

Among what may come, I am hopeful for:
  • Teaism with the Babs U and Shinny
  • Spicy Crunchy Time and soaking up life with Helena
  • Regular lunch with Andy
  • Walking Connecticut Avenue top to bottom
  • Meeting Ben McD and seeing his cheery parents
  • Filter coffee
  • Meeting man friend of B's
  • A US mobile
  • Waking up on the Hill
  • The red line
  • Retrieving leftover belongings from various people's homes/shipping back  art to the UK
  • Moderate temperatures and likely blue skies
  • People running up the escalators and down the escalators in true harried/hassled DC style
  • Merry Mary J
  • Ability to online order US things and  get them at B's
  • Incomprehensible cab drivers who charge nebulously by the zone
  • Cleveland Park ease
  • Buying Bumble & Bumble from Axis
  • Possible Nail Avenue mani/pedi
  • Eating a rueben that I didn't get in WI (Krupin's anyone?)
  • Seeing my pals a plenty
  • Seeing what's new in the capitol
  • Prelude to 40th


kq said...

jealous i am. i didn't get to spend nearly enough time in d.c. over the holidays and to be there with you.

dear wouldn't that be great?

charming gardener said...

Come on down sister! (Or, Over?) KQ- that would be gravy baby.