Friday 18 January 2008

big trip

Hooo haaa. 

I am soon to be on my next adventure and am beside myself.  Fretting about packing. Pacing, racing around buying things. (they Do have stores in the US, many of them, I realise) 
I keep online shopping and having sporty and cute new things sent to my sister's in the US to take advantage of the incredibly weak dollar. I think it is easier to focus on What I Will Wear than What I Will Be Doing.  Or, conversely, if I feel I have the right 'stuff' I won't be distracted. 

Who knows. I do know  I have so much to look forward to. And I do. 

New year. New decade. More me. More goodness. 

First my week of friendly DC faces and sushi, old haunts and then my Californication Big Leadership course. I just found out we 24 participants are from all over the globe and in true CTI/CoActive spirit -- the people sound well into it and  way cool. I am excited to meet the tribe who will share the next 9 months' journey with me. Yay for diversity. Yay for openness and a bit of healthy fear and nerves... of which I have a plenty.  (For the infamous 'ropes' course!)

I can't wait to see where the rubber hits the road for me. I've been talking a big game about what I want to do with coaching and I am curious to see just where I am full of shit.  And where I am able to step up and do what I profess. It is the ultimate Walk the Talk. I currently really have been enjoying the Talking the Walk. Time to get moving. 

Exciting time. Super fortunate to be able to have the emotional and financial support to do this. 

And thoughts on Four-Oh. I was just musing with Mary R about how turning 30 was Such A Big Deal. Huge. Parties and a giant leap into what was seen and felt as a movement into something totally new and foreign.  But 40 feels so much more mellow and, OK. It is more of a stride than a leap.  Gentle movement of time.  I feel it, but it isn't scary.   

Just making sure I have the right outfit is.

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