Sunday 30 December 2007

Greatest Hits 2007

• Daily walking commute and evening escort home
• Circle lunches
• Infinite Good
• Giddy fireworks and sparklers at Ashley's in the clear cold night in Fife
• Soy milk
• Mac conversion
• Love/hate Facebook
• New cape, duvet and purple coats
• Beautiful evolution of work mates turning into real friends
• Living simply and then a return to commerce
• Grown up European holiday in Majorca
• Sa Punta and Son Floriana
• Mark’s graduation and job getting
• Slug murder
• Giving notice at work
• New friends, keep the old, Silver/Gold rule
• Loch Lomand and anniversary Dom Perignon
• How I Met Your Mother and King of Queens giggles
• Successful cosmic ordering
• North American visitors
• Tradition not habit
• Friend return
• Marriage: into the second year
• Staying

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