Tuesday 11 December 2007

Chapter ending

Three days at work left and I feel crabby. Like I shoulda maybe gone 3 weeks ago. Six weeks of notice is too long. By the time you get to the last week, your head is already gone, but your body is at the office … making it very confusing for your spirit.

But I feel this is 10000% the right time for me to exit. Change is afoot. And I am not, should not, be a part of the next iteration. In the 18 months I have tried to be myself, do my work, be open and honest and treat people with respect and good will. And that I think I have accomplished. It also underscores what is important to me and what I can’t be bothered with. Truth is, I am more hungry now for a different kind of work than I have been in a long time. The fire is officially lit for my next chapter.

My best takeaway from my job is that I’ve met really great humans and they have helped me fully assimilate into life in Scotland. I got to know the flavour and the texture of the people and culture in a way I never would have just sitting in my flat. I've been part of it. I so appreciate the characters and the open friendliness and acceptance my team has offered me.

I will truly miss working with people I like, respect and enjoy being around. The daily coffee mornings, the ‘man tin’, my continual visits to the web team, the lunch field trips and Sodexo cuisine. But also working with people who Get It. They are smart and know what and who they are about and how to do their jobs. It is heartening to be around. I also see what they could be if they believed in themselves more. But they know how to have a laugh and also do their job -- which is a refreshing change from some of my corporate experience.

I also know I won’t miss early mornings and picking out an outfit. Too many available snacks. Meetings. Quiet office politics. Time away from what I feel called to do. Giving me excuses to play small. And not coaching more.

My hope is that I will keep the people. Keep the friends. Keep the connection.

But in my heart of hearts I know.

My work here is done.

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Anonymous said...

i'm missing you already laydeee
: ( xxx