Sunday 25 March 2007

gross but true

According to The Edinburgh Evening Paper... from February 2007

A SPARROWHAWK clutches a pigeon in the Grassmarket in the latest of a series of attacks in the Capital.

The bird of prey is usually found in woodlands but has recently been seen venturing into the city. At Christmas, a number of pigeons on the Royal Mile were killed by sparrowhawks.

RSPB head of species Duncan Orr Ewing said he thought they were nesting in nearby Holyrood Park.

He said:

"The Royal Mile is perfect for hunting because there is plenty of cover and lots of birds. They won't go hungry there. A large female will easily take a pigeon.

"They'll fly low along the buildings for cover then appear round the corner and surprise their prey, catching them in mid-air.

"They will eat their prey where they kill it."

There is thought to be a population of about 30 pairs of sparrowhawks in Edinburgh.

And one of them came into our world.

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