Sunday 25 March 2007

all the while

as I watch birds die, my brother is being wined and wowed at Elton John's New York gala 60th birthday party.

I await further news of celebrity shoulder rubbing, but did receive a breathy and excited voice mail on my mobile about having a smoke with the Scissor Sisters and then another message with the running tab of celeb party goers that he shared a room with including, but not exclusive to:

- Emma Thompson
- Barbara Walkers
- Sharon Stone
- Eric McCormick
- Tony Bennet
- Pierce Brosnan
- Kiefer Sutherland
- Diane Sawyer
- Kid Rock
- Liz Hurley
- Donatella Versace

I hope for photos. And no more birds lose thier heads in my back garden.

1 comment:

kq said...

this set of entries raises many many questions.

how did gary get invited to sir elton's party? how did mark fare with the assignment he was working on while the rapacious birds interrupted him? what makes the butternut squash thai?

and finally did you know that bob bolin once concluded that he sh/c/would go as the singer for halloween upon seeing morrissey rip off his shirt during a concert at D.A.R.?