Monday 29 January 2007

ode to 38

It never feels like what you'd imagine
if only you imagined this far
but usually my brain only went until about now
but now I stop and pause and see what it is
this year I've done
come and gone
surprising where I've found ground and where I've lost my feet
how simple things are hard and the hard oddly easy
I've not done it all with grace and light
Scrappy and scrapy
but job done
Beyond getting by I want the flow
It is the up and it is the awake
And the map I am drawing
Mustn't lose the pencil
In order to go I have to be there
I am


Anonymous said...

Whose our favorite birthday girl?
Well here’s a little clue:
Christened Catholic, confirmed in denim
And almost became a Jew!
Here’s another revealing hint,
Based on what I hear:
All the boys in high school loved her,
Because she gave a great… cheer!
Still not sure who she is?
Well, what is left to say…
Guess we’ll have to talk about
The woman we see today:
She has this lovely, flowing hair
Cascading down her back
She is fabulous, she is gorgeous
She’s Carol Faculjak!

charming gardener said...

God bless you and your archive, Andrew.