Monday 18 December 2006


  1. Scotch pine tree- bought from Tree Empire on the corner near Tescos, decorated
  2. outside lights-hung, (the icicle ones were all that was left at B&Q)
  3. inside lights -hung in conservatory
  4. wreath-hung on door
  5. flower pots-now free of dead ones and have new greenery
  6. Christmas cake-made. brandy enriched. wafting nice odors into the home
  7. work night out - last week
  8. team dinner- to be complete with fajitas on Wednesday
  9. work days left-3
  10. gifts- bought/posted; cards- written/posted
  11. local-gifts nearly done
  12. cleaning to commence this week
  13. restaurant bookings for xmas lunch/nyeve complete
  14. nails- red
  15. husband back! exams complete (beard gone)
  16. fun awaiting

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