Wednesday 20 December 2006

3 not so wise men

I awoke with a start hearing Mark yell “F*** off, A********s” at 1:38 a.m. after being tucked in nice n snug since 10:30. Was I dreaming? This yelling came from outside! Had Mark gone OUT after I went to bed? WHA? I was very confused and a little scared.

Mark finally came back in to report that 3 drunken guys thought it was HILarious to piss all over our entryway, complete with Christmas lights. Ho Ho Ho- that is always a good one!

So Mark scared them off (my hero) and doused the entryway in bleach. And we are hoping for a good rainstorm.

Lesson learned to turn OFF the cheery Christmas lights before pubs close.



Anonymous said...

That is funny!

what I want to know is, how did mark hear the pissing at 130 in the AM? does he have super sonic hearing?

kq said...

good thing that mark didn't growl: piss off. who knows what could have happened.