Wednesday 4 October 2006

bit of both

Bad things

Good things

Mark has to study all the time

I get to watch all the Will & Grace reruns without comments from the peanut gallery

Time is more fun together cuz is novel now


Time for new pals

Time for new book club

Focus on coaching in off hours

Everything closes at 5:30

Spend lunch hours doing errands


Everyone seems to know everyone

Everyone seems to know everyone

Streets a bit rubbish strewn

Gives jobs to street cleaners

Snacks at the workplace

Snacks at the workplace

No time to cook

Making big batches of yummy things over the weekend

Working for a living

Productive member of society


Human interaction



Still copper haired

Stopped caring

NLP class lame – dropped out

New client for Tuesday nights!


kq said...

what is NLP?

i am interested in the content of this, but how did you make this chart?

copper is the new brown?

charming gardener said...

ah, KQ- you are the master poster... it is a cut n paste outta Word job. Sometimes you need to oursource the formatting, ya know?