Monday 4 September 2006

whole lotta whatnot

  • Bus seats here are plaid
  • Chuck tailors seem to have never gone out of style here. On girls mostly. I want a pair of low rider white ones like I had in my wonder years when I was 23.
  • I am finding that I have the exact same bad habits that I did when I last worked at a job
  • I feel I am getting rounder. (See bad habits above)
  • Or my daily hard and buttoned clothes are just not as comfortable as workout pants and t shirts.
  • I am making a lot of small lists on a lot of small pieces paper of really dumb things (See bad habits above)
  • After 5 years and 2 separate companies in 2 different countries, I still don’t 100% understand mortgages. And I still don’t care that much that I don’t understand them.
  • It is hard to find fashionable peite clothing in this country.
  • After a 2-year absesnce in getting my eyes tested, I did the deed. And learned that I each of my eyes have a giant stigmatism jump. Hence perhaps why I can’t really see and have been getting headaches like clockwork for forever. New (£££) lenses to come this week. I look forward to vision. And giving up my Excedrin pill popping.
  • I am starting a Neuro Lingustic Programming course at the Uni of Edinburgh at the end of the month to learn how to program the mind. In coaching. And in life. (you are getting sleeeeeeeepy)
  • I want to hire a coach for myself to jump start next steps in the life. And stop any sliding backwards I may have started. It is dull to go back. And slippery.
  • Mark starts school next Monday. He is looking forward to diving in headfirst. I look forward to the mystery of what this will be like for us in our lives. And discovering who will do the laundry.
  • We are selling our sturdy and giant (seemingly) car. And want a micro car for city driving. And one that I can feel cute in. zoom zoom
  • Went out for a happy hour with my nice and youthful work cohorts on Friday. I think it was 1995 with Mary Rabatin that I last did that. I left at 7:45. They stayed out until 3:30. I think it was 1995 with Mary Rabatin that I last did that too.

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