Sunday 17 September 2006


Since I am a bi-annual cut and color girl, a trip to the hair place is usually a giant treat with bold print and sparkles. I haven't touched (not literally) my hair since Weddings 2006 and girl, it was dull. And broomy on the ends.

So with my hard-earned cash I went to the tony Charlie Miller, recommended from my Cambridge salon... in the heart of New Town.

"Warm," I requested. (thinking, "How I miss Rebecca at Axis so very much")
"Cherry Garcia," she musta heard.

I asked that it NOT be a shade unknown to natural hair and that it NOT look pink in the daylight.

It fails both tests. I don't care what Lexie thinks, red does not suit me.

Mark came to meet me at the salon and took 2 steps back when he saw me.

I washed it twice and it rinsed pink into the tub.

It bled pink on my white towels.

I awoke to pink splotches on my white pillow case.

I am going for the dreaded Color Correction on Thursday.

A cautionary tale to those who want warm hair color. Say brown.

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Anonymous said...

sorry about your pinky tuscadero mishap. i had a similar reaction this summer when i got this treatment called "balliage" -- basically painted on highlights. VERY blond streaks really. I wanted them to be darker blond so more subtle but they are more bimbo-y in nature. not pink tho...