Sunday 21 May 2006

honeymoon observations

  • San Francisco is really pretty and unique but hard to define. (Tom you were right)
  • Both Mark & I have discovered we can drink (and like!) vodka martinis
  • New Zealand Sauvignon Blancis still the best, despite Sonoma's best efforts
  • Santa Cruz is adorable and has too many cute shops (Sinead -- I bought green Danskos and pink Keens!)
  • Carmel is not as snobby as the books say.
  • Monterey is not as cute as the books say
  • Driving an SUV is more fun than I feel comfortable admitting. (we got a rental Exterra in CA)
  • 1 hour of cliff/mountain driving is enough. 4 is way too many
  • People really do give you a better hotel room when you say it is your honeymoon
  • Airlines do not
  • You can watch Liverpool play at a south side bar in Milwaukee. Just eat first. Or the 6 Guinness will hit you. As will your new wife
  • Cheap beef is the real taste of home
  • I have lots of really nice relatives
  • Mark keeps referring to me his girlfriend. I remind him that I am his ex-girlfriend.
  • NY pizza is still the best
  • Being married is just like not being married, but better
  • And, sometimes you get to have a second wedding!

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