Thursday 10 November 2005

things I am noting since I've been back

  • baseball caps. on all walks of humanity
  • friendly customer service
  • diversity
  • suits
  • glad handing
  • DRIVING (me that is)
  • Trader Joes was more exciting in my mind than in reality
  • Target was all that and a slice of cheese
  • freakishly and somewhat annoyingly warm weather
  • money goes FAST
  • I miss my bed
  • and my boy
  • comfort of like minds
  • ease of dear friends
  • large and fast an efficient appliances -- dishwashers, washing machines and dryers
  • bounty of CVS
  • still don't want to hear the news
  • Cleveland Park has ghosts of Quebec House
  • I've seen 2 old bosses and hid
  • metro is expensive
  • a cab to the hill is oddly cheapish
  • planning a wedding is not as fun as one would imagine
  • I have more unrequited consumer needs here
  • I feel oddly at home but in a time warp

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