Thursday 3 November 2005

many things

1) SLIM!
Yes, I passed the old certification exam. I am a CPCC... Certified Professional Co Active Coach. Which means I am trained, real and can put it on my business cards. Oops. I already had. (Hopeful thinking?) And jack up those client fees!!! (Nah- not quite yet!)

2) I am in the US!

Airplane travel freaks me out. How can I already be here? I was just there! There doing final laundry and packing and emptying the dishwasher and watchingthe last Six Feet Under (it just finished in the UK.) I was JUST riding in the car to Heathrow with Marko at 7:30 in the a.m., chattering lightly and trying not to be sad that I am not going to see him for 6.5 weeks. (It didn't work, I am sad. ) How can I be here in my new room Helena made for me with chock full of fresh wedding magazines and the latest gossip ones? With 2 drawers just for me and a borrowed bed to boot? With her fridge full of yummy things I love and her adorable 1 year old Oliver in the next room sleeping like a lamb with a noise machine making ocean sounds. Here where I ate a bean burrito for dinner and nearly cried with joy?

My journey was uneventful, but long indeed. I am not a good flier for 7.5 hours, but I was sandwiched in-between 2 delightful very American passengers and we had some fun. Even if I was in the dreaded middle seat. The guy was from Bethesda and talked LOUD, but was funny. Even if I was cringing when he was saying (loudly) how CRAZY the London traffic is and how did people manage not to be hit by cars??? Um, hello, English people are ON this plane with us.

3) I am here til January.
And I plan on taking it slow by immediately going to Target this morning and getting my sweaty fix. Serious junkie jonsing for some new sports bras and the smell of $15 outfits and hair treats. I have promised Mark "Not to go crazy spending money", so I must be controlled. MUST be CONTROLLED in Target.

4) I am planning a wedding.

In DC.
And London.
We have wrestled and wrangled about our wedding locale and have come to the big real and fat conclusion that we need to have one here and one there. So whilst I am here, I shall scout the US locations, secure venue and go through items 1-190 on's checklist on How to Drive Yourself Loony in Planning Your Wedding When You Thought You Were A Normal Person. Followed by reading the article. "What, You Haven't THOUGHT about that yet". I may even be brave and try on some of them white things gals wear on that day.

Maybe I better wait until the queso swelling goes down.

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