Saturday 19 March 2005

you know spring is coming when

  1. the birds are chirping like crazy at 3:00 a.m.
  2. you see one person in hat, scarf & big coat, and in the next minute, another person in shorts
  3. suddenly, people are EVERYWHERE
  4. the night buzzes
  5. teenagers seem more mischievous
  6. you feel more mischievous
  7. planting flowers seems very important thing to do
  8. you hate all your winter clothes
  9. your limbs are very, very pale and scared to be exposed outside
  10. you want to hang clean sheets on the clothes line
  11. margaritas call to you
  12. you regret every cookie in the last 4 months and wonder why you didn't make getting REALLY fit your winter project so you would be excited to wear small amounts of clothes instead of dreading it
  13. Easter bonnets seem cute
  14. you spot blooms on trees and are totally surprised
  15. all your windows are filthy
  16. you sense that the world is not all lost after all


Anonymous said...

You know Spring must be here when Carol goes almost two weeks without posting on her blog. Carol, your public needs you!

charming gardener said...

Newest posting just for you, anonymous. (why does everyone want to be anonymous when they post comments? Is it so I guess who it is? I can usually suss it out with the degree of snarkyness, but this was so nice I am w.o. a clue)

Anonymous said...

Well then, here's a hint - this may very well be the first time you ever called me nice. Okay, here's another clue, my name rhymes with "candy." Okay, here's another clue, I sometimes listen to Mary Chapin Carpenter. Have you figured it out yet, or do you need more clues?