Thursday 17 March 2005

life insight coaching LIVE, baby

My coaching site is live and well! I am well glad it is Out There and I have a shingle to hang.

I want to publicly thank these fine folks for help in getting it into the world:

1. Mike "
Cynical G" Bateman, for his cheery and clever design. Able to take the Network Solutions templates and successfully put lipstick on the pig without complaint.

2. Heather Roberts, for lending her artistic muscle and creative eye to help me with my web photo.

3. Lexie/Lexington/Lexicon Bebbington, for her immediate and enthusiastic feedback on content, images, and her impromptu gender polling of Martin for the male view, and loving support.

4. Barbara Faculjak, my all time favourite editor, always able to make it clean and clear and real within 10 minutes, while driving or on a conference call.

5. Mark Johnston, for endless name brainstorming ideas, for getting excited with and for me, reviewing every step of the way, and bankrolling my domain name and web registration.

6. Friend and Family Network, for encouragement and 'YAY' e-mails, and letting me know what you think.

Now you know a life coach. For whenever you want to work on something. Or know someone who does. Or just want to see what it is about. (and in 6 months the price goes up :-) )

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