Tuesday 16 January 2024


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Edinburgh Tower
Central District,
Hong Kong.


BBK Loan Ventures Hong Kong has set aside $10 Billion US Dollars for our BBK Loans Program. We are giving loan grants from US$100,000 USD - $500,000,000 USD (One Hundred Thousand US Dollars-Five Hundred Million US Dollars). This Loan Program is to help and encourage both small, medium and big businesses to grow. BBK loan interest rate is at an affordable amount of 3% Per Annum within a period of 1-10 years repayment time period.

This program is available to all loan seekers who are in need of a personal and business loan.

Fill in the blank spaces for full application:

 1. Full Name(s):
 2. Address:
 3. Job:
 4. Age:
 5. Male/Female:
 6. Country:
 7. Current Country
 8. Mobile No:
 9. Loan Amount Needed:

Send in the above information to our E-mail; bbkloanventures@hotmail.com

Ms. Katherine Price
Publicity Secretary
BBK Loan Ventures HK.
Hong Kong.
Email: bbkloanventures@hotmail.com

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