Friday 24 June 2022


P.O.Box 8044 Zurich,
Tel: +41-(0)43 222 7788
Contact Person: Qatari Mustapha Abdullah

Dear Winner,

Please contact us for your winning amount of US$800,000.00 (Eight Hundred Thousand US D0llars Only) in the FIFA-QATAR 2022 World Cup Lottery Promotions. Kindly contact our FIFA Agent with all necessary details as required below here. Please quote your winning number: FIFA/QATAR-2022/QA88400

Contact FIFA Agent:
Mr. Qatari Mustapha Abdullah

You should send the following details to the FIFA agent's email address above;

1) Full Names:

2) Mobile N0:

3) Country/Nationality:

4) Country Currently Living:

4) Male/Female:

5) Alternative/Other Email:

You have within 48 hours to reply and submit all necessary details. Failure to do this will lead to immediate loss of your winning prize.

Your winning prize must be kept confidential for security reasons until you have received/claimed your winning prize.

Congratulations once again from our FIFA-Qatar 2022  Team!!!

Yours Faithfully,

Qatari Mustapha Abdullah
FIFA Headquarters.
Global Claims Center

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