Tuesday 26 January 2010

10 things I never thought I'd do but sadly already am

  1. stop carrying a purse... wearing only coats with big (stuffed) pockets
  2. taking ownership of eye gunk, stray boogies and the general picking at baby's face
  3. rely on soothers ( pacifiers, binkies, dummys - whateveryouwanttocallem) to, um, soothe my baby
  4. insure I have extra soother in the big pockets at all times
  5. gage my walking distance by if I need the nappy bag
  6. turn down invitations to a night time art opening because it conflicts with (my) the baby's bedtime
  7. walk the baby in his pram endlessly so he gets a good nap, even if I am bedraggled and it is raining
  8. let baby watch Baby TV (yes this exists)
  9. question my choices and want to run away -- for at least 10 minutes
  10. imagine baby will be a pianist/genius/president/artist/ etc. because of some perceived acute awareness of hands/light/faces/colour, etc.

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