Thursday 31 December 2009

greatest hits 2009

2009 was a big year for me.

The last few months have been a runaway train and a bit of a blur.

Luckily, I have been keeping track along the way, noting the things great and small that made me happy.

So in chronological not importance order, my hits of 2009.

  1. Ion hairdryer, smoother, silkier hair than one thought possible
  2. Double lines on the EPT on my birthday
  3. Food processor -- finally able to mince quickly
  4. Life Clubs Canada -- Shalom Village and Toronto! Thanks Pat and Eva Marie and Nina!
  5. Underbates in Scotland, with surprise Abby on her way
  6. There's a monkey in there
  7. The Belly
  8. Lanzarote skinny dipping in private pool, 6 months pregnant
  9. Lewie sandwich
  10. Lewis Room Miracle Transformation
  11. 5 Star Husband
  12. October 20 Lewis arrival
  13. New local baby pals, saving my sanity and sense of humour
  14. Trifecta of chocolate getting me through pregnant and recovery -- plain chocolate digestives, Biblo's chocolate cake and pan de chocolat
  15. Glasgow Waitrose
  16. Lewis heart melting smiles
  17. Fountain in Kelvingrove Park
  18. An Clachan café in Kelvingrove Park,
  19. Notes from the Universe
  20. Making happy, enthusiastic grandparents, aunts and uncles
  21. Mark as Daddy
  22. Being Lewis' Mum