Wednesday 2 September 2009

35 weeks

And this is how it all looks at 35 weeks!

Slowing down my slow down.

Life Clubs is passed over for now.

A few clients to finish for now.

Lists to make.

Naps to take.

Worries to abate.

Things for the freezer to create.

Time to pull my weight.

OK, I am out of rhymes. But not things to do.

Lots we still need to "get". And several hospital things to "iron out".

Simultaneously wanting the time to go faster and also stop all together. Ready and Not At All.

An interesting paradox. I am guessing/hoping that one of those will win out sooner or later.


Anonymous said...

good heavens! you haven't even had the baby yet, and you are already writing like Dr. Suess! You look adorable!


p.s. my word veritication today is "scone" -- oddly appropriate, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

You look terrific!


Madeline (aka Miri) said...

thinking of you my fair prego! You are a beauty. Jonah is singing on my lap right now.