Wednesday 19 August 2009

slow ride (take it ea-say)

And suddenly.

It slows.

After what felt like a cafuffal of a last few weeks, I suddenly can see some space beginning to emerge in my head.

It is lovely.
The slow down has begun.
And I am grateful for it.

  • Midst switching hospitals. (which feels like a huge relief)
  • Starting to close down my Life Clubs shop (or pass the baton) only one more until post baby.
  • Heeding my primal needs to eat and sleep in frequent bursts. (never underestimating the power of toast)
  • Trying not to catch Mark's cold. (which is tricky as it requires a wide berth and no cuddles)
  • Doing some bonding with other pregnant people we've been lucky to meet through our classes the last 2 weekends.
  • Getting good, belly laugh and compassionate chat with my pregnant yoga pal -- who I am happily drafting off of, sharing a doula and a soon a hospital. Boys bonding over beers and buildings.
  • Making lists of (probably) ridiculous things.
  • Amazed at the longest, strongest nails of my life.
  • Wondering why after a blissfully headache free 8 months, my head has decided to start to hurt again
  • Spending time WATCHING my belly as Lewis rolls around, alien-style, contorting in ways that entertain.
Looking forward to an even blanker September.

And for extra measure, am checking out the (hilarious) International Institute of Not Doing Much.

Which I think everyone should consider belonging to for the rest of the summer.

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