Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Sinead comes to GlasVegas

Willow Tea Rooms, with the Charles Rennie Mackintosh chairs

The Apartment for lunch with the Edinburgh gang and the rainy day castle


Anonymous said...

let's not overdo it with the summer scarf.

charming gardener said...

I KNEW I would be busted for that. It is very soothing to have. And we don't have summer... so it is like an autumnal scarf.

Anonymous said...

and how many colors does it come in?

kq said...

it must have been such fun to welcome sinead to your life in the UK. you rock the scarf well, carol. andy (or might it be gary?) shouldn't mock.
have fun in d.c. -- i am ducking out of town today to return to the corn fields of ohio.