Saturday 3 November 2007

6 weeks notice

Shortly, sweetly and hung over-ly, I am happy to report I gave my notice to resign, making my last day the day of our team's holiday party.

Not that I am happy to leave my daily people and my sense of belonging and feelings of being part of a super team. But I am happy that this day has (dare I say finally) come for me to get the chance to catch my breath and refocus. Get closer to what my heart feels really good about. And to get on the bus to Next Thing.

After seemingly thousands of glasses of wine last night with the team, and hearing their hearty and sincere congratulatory words, I feel so lucky. Most of which is for the support of Mark. And the kind universe if doing a fair share too.

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kq said...

i am sorry for your loss, carol. death at such a young age is shocking no doubt.