Wednesday 20 June 2007


We are working on our logo for Infinite Good -- the business and personal development consulting firm, run by me n marky.

What do you think of our logos so far?


Anonymous said...

I think the idea of using the infinity character for the "oo" in "Good" is clever, but not overly cute.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Andy!


Mark Lister said...

Great work! Here's my twopennorth:

I also like the use of the infinity character.

Lots of space is my impression - the reflections you've put under some of them reinforce that.

I think it works better when you include initial capitals - InfiniteGood is clearer than infinitegood in the fonts you've used. Alternatively, no caps but put one word in bold?

Also, is it just me, or does featuring the infinity character in gold nudge the word 'good' subliminally towards 'gold'? Just a smidge?


Anonymous said...

I like the ones with sun over them...I think the yellow more than the red. I also like the idea of one word in bold. They look great...good luck!

Angel Sánchez said...

the infinite simbol its cool, matbe a circle or a sand clock will work. try use more typography. btw nices logos