Saturday 4 March 2006

sundry miscellany

  • the says 57 days to go before our DC wedding. Hello.
  • I have one of the worst colds in recent history. Zero breathing. I am very very over it.
  • I have (re) discovered the power of honey ... In tea, on toast, with natural yogurt and the newly discovered kiwi. I am in love.
  • The veil I ordered looks like the underside of a prom dress. Big, white and itchy. Not good.
  • Due to England's cruelty, I once again miss tomorrow's Oscars. AND John Stewart. Insult to injury. Damn time zones and TV coverage.
  • A food intolerance test at the gym claims I have a wheat intolerance. In hopes to aid my Fitness Program 2006, I have been 'off' wheat for 2 weeks. When is the size 6 supposed to happen?
  • Spare hours find us with 3 laptops, the couch, and deep dive Month of Marriage minutiae. Plus we have a white board with running tab of US, UK and Mark's School deadlines.
  • We went for a walk to get OUT of the house and our laptops and talked about the things we are most looking forward to -- Mark, wearing his ring, wedding cake in the UK, the fun events leading up to the weddings and honeymoon in the wine country. Me, my pampering wedding shower, drinking copious amounts of champagne throughout the all events and the professional full body sprucing for the wedding day. Plus the ceremony itself. And calling him my husband.
  • I am excited and afraid of how fast this next 57 days will zoom by.

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