Monday 3 October 2005

long time no write

I've had bits and bobs to report, but none seemed blog worthy, but perhaps when lumped together, they shall serve as an informative and entertaining post. Or at least make me current. A girl can't be funny all the time, can she?

1) I have a new bike.

I know, I am kinda heartbroken too. Greenie still is my number-one all-time best bike EVER. But through an insurance deal -- for Mark's stolen cycle, I got a new ladies mountain bike. (For all the mountains here in Cambridge). I am calling her Little Blue. She is blue. And little. And I can't feel the many bumps on the path to the gym when I ride her, so she will be my sporty spice bike and Greenie will be my town and shopping cycle. I forced them to park close to they could get to know each other. So far, no broken spokes. Dig me -- haven't driven a car for over a year, but now own 2 bikes. Iamsosure.

2) I take my certification exam on Thursday.

Thank you to those who have reminded me. I mean, wished me well. I am oddly not too bothered by it yet. Yet. I figure if I haven't learned, practiced, lived, the model by now and can't pass the test, then I shouldn't. The powers that be share the results in about 2-3 weeks... They send you a slim envelope notifying you if you passed. They send you a honking envelope containing the video of your sucky coaching if you failed. (So you can 'see' your mistakes. UGH) One hopes for a slim envelope.

3) I moved here one year ago
Hard to believe, eh? But the nip in the air is reminiscent of turning up the volume of change. And I am still doing it. I am happy how my experiment turned out. Getting married, almost a certified coach, less inches, more me. I recommend everyone get out of their life a bit and try on new ways. It really makes you see which laws you made up about yourself and which are actually true.

4) I am stateside for Nov/Dec
So I'll be free for Spices and local phone calls and local time zones and borrowing your best reads and seeing your new dogs and admiring your growing children and movies movies movies at E Street and Teaism soba noodles and a sessions at Flow and toasting Thanksgiving blessings and watching reruns of the Gilmore Girls and sitting in your kitchen while you open up a bottle of red and lying on your couch while we have another cup of joe and going to your holiday bash and getting on the regular stool for a hang with Krishna at Aroma and a breeze through the new exhibit at the Building Museum and no thanks, tonight I am staying in.

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Anonymous said...

Loralei and Rory, even though not speaking to each other, will be happy to welcome you back to the u.s. where our so-called president has been reduced to how did dana milbank put it? a stammering blur of twitches.

i wonder how many times i blink while teaching?

i wonder how many time you blink while coaching?

may your slim envelope reveal the details soon enough for us all.