Friday 3 June 2005

fat camp

Yes, Fat Camp.

I am in it.

Ok, they are more PC than that and call it "Fit Camp", but we all know what they mean. It is a 6-week program at our fab health club ... health club meaning better than a regular old gym. And I will partake in 3 or 4 sweating sessions a week, plus 50% off of Fit Club menu items in the lounge. (Told you it was a swanky gym -- we HAVE a lounge.) Plus a healthy eating schpeal and meeting with the girls in the group once a week.

Seems ok so far, except they have actual Fit Camp t-shirts that we are supposed to wear. Um, no thanks.

I was a brave today and was measured, and assessed and weighed today by pert Becky. Somehow, when the number is in kilograms, it seems ok and not relateable.

Wish me luck, and be forewarned, I may use this as a venting tool to describe my dislike for movement.

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Anonymous said...

oh dear. have you bid farewell to the hob nobs and cadbury? bye bye vinegar crisps? what a challenge to join phat camp in a country with good and plentiful sweet and savory treats.

i guess that i should congratulate you? it seems a strange thing to do. i hope that it is pleasurable at least in some way. and that all the movement and perspiration will help you sleep better.

maybe think of it as your blissed out bootcamp?

i always prefered translating my weight into stones. do they still do that? talk about vanity sizing! how about vanity weighing? seven or eight stone seemed so very reasonable.

it's hot in d.c. now. if you lived here you'd be sweating the LBs right away looking for a parking space at night in front of the quebec house. but then again, there is the temptation of issee icy. did i already type to you about the wonder that is dulce de leche with chocolate chips! good thing you and your mark are way over there.