Friday 27 August 2004

10 Years of Dust

Who knew a person could live with so much dust for so many years without knowing it. As I clean out the contents of the last ten years of living, I can validate that moving truly does suck. Lucky for me, it is superseding any feelings of freak out, sadness or fear I might be entertaining. For now, I am just consumed with piles, boxes and packing tape.

And giving away my crap.
And selling my
And streamlining my things.
And storing the rest.
And quitting my job.
And moving in with
And not having an income.
And becoming a foreigner.
And changing my life 360 ways from Sunday.

For now, good bye to
Quebec House.

Been a good run -- Crazy Chinese Lady, Weird Wig Man, Pink Lady, Gray Hair Guy, My Favorite Lady, Man Who Sings, Mean Bow-Legged Veteran. Best of luck to you all.

I wasn't sad until the day-shift front desk lady said good-bye to me. "All the good ones leave, " and she asked me for a hug.

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