Thursday 19 June 2008

packing it in

So, 3 nice dudes from Clockwork Movers are here taking all my sorted, dusted and sifted through items and putting them all in boxes at rapid speed. This is the first time we have had anyone pack for us and I must say -- I like it. They also are they taking packed/labelled boxes directly to the truck.


And meanwhile, I am a bit at a loss of what to do. At the end of the day, the only things left in the flat will be our bed/TV and the bits of furniture we are donating. It is a much preferred method of moving so far. I have had to do all my ruthless sorting ahead of time, but honestly, this is rocks. It was quite a steal to have them do it, and they include all the packing materials, so heck!

Tomorrow morning, sharpish, the lads will come back with the lorry (i am so british) 95% loaded and take the remaining lot to the truck and move it all to the 2nd floor (hear them groan when I told them this) to the new west end Bish bosh.

Mark & I are getting a wee commercial van for the week - to take us and our most vital things like passports and clean undies to Glasgow and for the week for all the getting RID of the packing and the infinite trips to B&Q (home depot equivalent) . So far, I count 5 trips to B&Q already. And we have had the keys 2 weeks. And no car. Which comes in handy when one moves, by the by.

So while I may not be ready to say good bye to Edinburgh, I am ready to create our next home. Beauty and order. Paint colours and pillows. Food and rest. Calm and love.

And I will keep Eburgh and several of its key inhabitants I have grown to love as my second home here. So going to going to be A OK.

I am very aware that watching TV whilst the guys pack and lift and shift our stuff would be wrong.

Yet, for today, my work here is done.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your unpacking...and your new adventure.

kq said...

what do the letters in b+q stand for?