Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 bubbye

I hardly knew ye

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This is the very first year I feel no anticipation of the new year.  This year has been big in many ways. A move. (again) A baby. (so happy) A boy turning 3.  (wha?) A readjustment. (ongoing)

As they say with small children, the days are long and the years are short. 

My Greatest Hits lists feels more like the The Things That Kept Me Sane List. 

  • family hugs - especially when requested by the boy
  • Words With Friends
  • iPad
    - where've you been all my life
  • local in law grandparents - solicitous, cheery, generous, helpful, solid
  • Alice - the most cheerful person I know who wakes with a smile and explodes my heart.  My best girl. 
  • Derby stores: bagel Thursday, animal crackers and good cheddar
  • generosity and connection of siblings
  • Newnham - so local, so easy, so friendly, so freaking quaint
  • St Mark's playgroup Toddles
  • Newnham friendly real-deal mums
  • Lewis - my threenager. My mood mirror. My challenge. My golden smarty. My best boy. 
  • Cousin's Butchers steak pies
  • Mushroom Park - watching Lewis conquer each playground as he gets bigger and bolder
  • Mark's great day rate keeping us in organic fruit and taxis
  • Lewis dates - babychinos at Bills/Giraffe
  • Netflix (in bed)
  • The Market - for a destination, for bread, for interesting goods
  • Mark- biker commuter, bring home the bacon, dedicated to our small people
  • Lewis Glasgow Birthday weekend and reunion with our pals
  • Number 18 bus full of Newnham grannies, taking our weary, fully loaded pram + 2 into town for 2 quid
  • Becco Butterfly owl sling (where Alice spent the first 6 months of her life)

I guess when I write it all down it underscores for amazing things are. Hard sometimes. Fun usually. But very very lucky girl I am. 

I am realising -- this life is my happy ending. 


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