Friday 27 June 2008

one week in Glasvegas

I finally had a small break in the home-making department to venture out for provisions, air and for some sanity.  

And I was pleasantly rewarded with lots of commerce nearby which will keep us in organic foods, halal meats, coffee, petrol, and the occasional throw pillow. Most importantly, Lupe Pinto's Mexican Deli, where I can get vegetarian refried black beans, real tortilla chips (as opposed to Doritos) black beans in a can, fresh guacamole, margarita mixings, dirty rice and all manner of BBQ hot sauces and other imported American items like Nutter Butters and Fluff and Welches Grape Jelly .

And each shop offers friendly folk. Seriously is putting the midwest in some competition for open smiles and pleasantness.  The phrase I hear more than any other is No Bother.  Although it is pronounced more like Nae Borra. (I sense an entire blog entry on Glaswegian vernacular in the works)

So Mark has not been able to take this last week off to fully dig deep into moving, unpacking and creating, I have been left largely to my own devices.  And it has kinda sucked.  And today held the first light at the end of the tunnel.  

A home is in the making.

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