Thursday 26 June 2008

driving away

I type slowly because my hands are rendered useless to grip or move after this week of usage. I really admire and sympathize with people who work with their hands day in and day out.  Sheesh. And yesterday we went back to 10A to clean top to bottom. 12 hours worth! I am bleary.

And in our exhaustion and accomplishment, as we drove away in the Enterprise hired small commercial van in the beautiful Edinburgh darkening sky, I said good bye to our wee flat and to our current life. And was sad. I need to go back today for the walk through with the estate agent, but for most purposed, our tenancy is over.  I haven't left a place that I was so unfinished with in a long time.

I know Glasgow will bring us new adventures.  I know we will have fun and discover and are moving to the next stage of our lives.  

And our 2 years in our charmed Edinburgh will always be special. And I will always count it as a home. 

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kq said...

congratulations on the move! and here's to embarking on a new adventure.