Friday 11 August 2006

pizza, diet coke and cable

I am a simple girl after all.

Mark is on his wedding gift from me Learn to Cook Fish Course in London and all I want to do is watch TV and read. I am rediscovering the joys of recently rerun Will and Grace and the occasional Party of 5. I think I am front loading my TV time as I will soon be relegated to evenings and weekends like normal people.

I reali(z)se that I am obsessing about working. I am just nervous that I am, in part, returning to a kind of job I turned from when I started coaching. I don't want to go backwards. I know deep down that I have changed and grown and at least mutated into something different than those days of numb cubicles and getting through the day. I am just scared of the flashbacks.

So I am turned off, tuned out and tellytubbying myself into a rubbery gauze of relaxation and simple pleasure.

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kq said...

hang in there, love. you can handle this (+ anything) for three months. think of it not as re-turning, but more like zig-zagging. it's really the only way to get through life. euclidian geometry doesn't really work for humans, just lines.

barb, miss bird (bird's roommate) and i went to the national gallery sculpture garden this evening. barb brought snacks from dean & deluca and we sat and talked about what work they have done at the aesthetician's office. i chimed in with a few vulgar expressions every now and then.

as barb and i waited for the bus (dirty 30s) at dusk, i thanked her for bringing treats. she said that it was nothing. "nothing like a carol spread or anything."

you are still our standard.

have you picked out your outfit for monday?

get mark to take a picture and then will you please post it to your blog?

xo kq