Tuesday 8 August 2006

I blinked and I have a job

I was just looking forward to watching TV and being able to e-mail people and catch up online... and to having rugs on the floors and things in place on the new shelves. And to know where my undies were and to wake up knowing where I was. And a library card, and a doctor! In the last 2 weeks, all those things all happened and somewhere along the line I also got a job.

Starting Monday.


It is a 3-month contract job (through a recruiter) for Standard Life Bank (mortgages) doing a marketingy thing -- helping get all their marketing collateral updated now that they are a PLC. Most importantly, I will be setting my alarm and showering and blow drying my hair and getting on the bus and wearing shoes with heels, pants with a zipper and button and talking to other people in person in a cube. I will even have a badge to get in.

It worries me. Seems All too 2004, yes?

I will be on the job during work hours of 9 to 5. What a way to make a living. And coaching in the off hours.

Trial run to see if I remember how to play well with others. And see what the inside of a Scottish company is like. And muse about my Next Steps in coaching, working and living. All the while making some dough for the family name and accounts. I am proud. I am a bit nervous. And I am a bit full of dread. I had a good run.

It also feels as a bit fast as I was hoping to while away August with Mark, finding a new gym and going to cheap Fringe Festival shows. But when she knocks, you answer.

I am finding Scotland quite lovely. And not JUST because I am wearing a sweater in August while the rest of Western Civilization is sweating to the oldies. Although it helps. Talk to me when it is Day 400 of rain and cold in December though.

But Edinburgh people are nice. Really friendly. Edinburgh is hilly, which made for the premier bike ride suprisingly un-enjoyable. (Greenie was not, repeat NOT happy with all the cobblestones.) Wind suckingly hilly. And everywhere I turn I find a restaurant I want to eat at. And shops I want to buy things in. And streets I want to walk down.

And all the fun starts next week. I plan on being as lazy as possible for the next 4 days so I can be so sick of myself come Monday and ready to do anything. Anything include work.

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kq said...

should we come over and have a professional clothes swap? or do you want some of us to return tony clothes that you cast away years ago.

i know the ambivalence of 9 to 5, but it was a great film.

two thoughts: don't bend over for the spilled coffee while taking dictation.

avoid skinny + sweet.

well done, lady