Tuesday 27 June 2006

keeping up with the blogs

Since some of my pals (neurotic-ah and Madeline, black lab extraordinaire) now have blogs, and are so dang lickedy split on new postings, I feel the need to be writing more regularly, since my readership is spreading itself out over several mediums. ( I KNOW it isn't a competition, KQ... I am just built that way.)
  • We have a future home. I have uncrossed my cross-ables for the most part. I think it is safe to say, we are going to be renting a 2-bedroom garden flat in New Town section of Edinburgh.
  • New pad walking distance to fishmonger, butcher, greengrocer and many other fancy other things.
  • Note, there for the entire famous and fabulous Edinbugh International Festival and Fringe Festival
  • (what, look for a job? They have 2 fer 1 tickets!)
  • Moving weekend of July 22 - 8 hours long haul in a large truck. Gee, I can hardly wait.
  • Also, stay tuned for irritability at disassembly of Ikea furniture. For the 4th time in 4 years. I think this time it will disintagrate into sawdust.
  • Mark's last week on the job! I think he is still kinda waiting for the big shoe to drop, but looks like all is happening as it should... and we get a big check on Friday that will keep us in rent and mobile phones for a while. Yehaw.
  • He is stunned and determined to use this time to "get fit" and not watch TV. I say, are the 2 mutually exclusive?
The hard part is that I have nothing interesting to say right now. I feel like it is all in the coming. Now I am just standing still. Looking down the road at where we are going. And waiting a bit for a bus. In no hurry, but not particularly patient either. It is a bit itchy here.

P.S. Musical discoveries (for me) - Zero 7, The Garden and Embrace, This New Life. Yummy.


kq said...

charming gardener,

madeline's keeper, miri; sinead; nico; and i all found our flow this morning. it was v. nice.

here's some music i have been enjoying listening to...on-line while i chew away at the diss.

christine moritz' varietyisthespice.com love the mix of the ladies and of course, the live concerts posted on npr.org. i have been listening to calexico too much especially after having heard them this week also at 9:30.

wow: mark and star jones are both going to be unemployed. wonder if she will try to get fit too?

tonight, some of us are going to hear fiery furnaces at 9:30. i think at least.

kq said...

and i have always wanted to go to the fringe. i know that i can't this year...not enough $$$ or time, but maybe next?

Madeline (aka Miri) said...

i love your blog miss carol. thanks for giving me a plug :)