Thursday 22 June 2006

things of the brain

  • my interest in the world cup was short lived. US is out of the next round. I no longer care. Total fair weather. And I am becoming immune to the constant blare of play-by-play on the TV. I have given in.
  • fingers crossed, we have a place in E-burgh. nothing further until I uncross my fingers.
  • In preparation and in anticipation of the move north, I am gleefully reading the just released paperback of installment 2 about the lives and times of the fictional residents of 44 Scotland Street... in Edinburgh! I am tickled with the mention of streets, pubs and general quirkiness of that which will become my hometown.
    44 Scotland Street
    44 Scotland Street by Alexander Mccall Smith
  • JUST now finally feeling normal. It has taken me a month. A MONTH to catch up with my life. And actually want to do anything except stare into air and not talk.
  • I now want to catch up with OTHERS. Please tell me what is happening. I must get out from my own navel. (Helena, do you hear me??? Rabatin, you have a few weeks to unpack and then look out!)
  • I am amazed at Kelly's ability to do her hard and important job of teaching tomorrow's smarties, write long and interesting things in her blog constantly about all the things she is doing and thinking and also keeping up with all of the things in everyone else's life and dogs. I am able to answer e-mail. Just.
  • I can't think of anything else except happy wedding weekend to Barb n Mike as they officiallly join in union to become the Underbates!!! Everyone pray for mild and beautiful weather in DC for the intimate wedding on Saturday. Mazel tov to you... can't think of a more suited couple.

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