Tuesday 31 May 2005

like living in Alaska

No one told me about this. I never heard anyone mention it or read about it in any travel guides.

Now, in the UK, it is daylight for like 16 hours. Seriously. The birds are chirping like mad at 4 a.m. and it is still light at 10 p.m.! NO lie! I would think it would be a big selling point for British summers -- long days. In the US, at the very latest, it gets dark at like 9.

And it will continue to stay light later and later. It is seriously screwing up my ability to sleep like there is no tomorrow. In the winter here, I was a nice Benjamin Franklin, early bed/rise girl... natually found my internal clock to be 10:30 p.m. bed and 7:30 wake. Nice and productive. So that it is sunny at 9 p.m., we are eating dinner at 9 and going to bed at 12. I am sleeping until (!) teenage time of 10 a.m.! Yikes.

If only I could take up par-taying, I would make great use of these evening hours... but as it is, I am just trying to adjust to keeping my hard clothes on until it is dark. No small feat.

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Anonymous said...

um. maybe it is true, the sun shines all the brighter in the U.K. or perhaps it is the glare coming off your enormous engagement ring?

i present to you the facts for 5.31.2005...

Cambridge, UK sunrise: 4:45 am
Cambridge, UK sunset: 9:11 pm

Washington, DC sunrise: 5:45 am
Washington, DC sunset: 8:27 pm

i think that you are in love.

and you know that you will never walk alone.

why don't you and the nice birds chirp me a little email? i sent you a nice juicy update on my weekend...the threesome with deep throat's grandson, an escapade with rolling thunder, an outing with jenna and barbara at smith point. drat, i forgot to tell you how i wore panties to yoga. it wasn't so bad afterall. i still prefer free muffin, but the panty thing isn't bad.

you are my sunshine