Friday 20 May 2005

cat outta the bag

Just a wee announcement. The word is out and most of you already know.

Mark & I are betrothed! Engaged! Shiny ring and all!

It happened just a few weeks ago, and I have been in DC visiting my homies and went to FLA to visit the vactioning parents.

Most likely we will get hitched next fall in the UK. We are hoping to have a nice long and non-frazzled engagement.

I'll be back and forth US/UK until next April, and I will be stateside Nov, Dec and part of Jan for the holiday months. I can get a fiancee visa in April 06, and we will need to get married w/in 6 months.

We are still kind of in awe about it all and reveling in the happiness and miracle of being able to have a plan after so many years of living in the moment -- which has its benefits.

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